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RELOG was established on July 1st 2021, as a continuance of the two property development companies NHP Eiendom AS and Login Eiendom AS.

The property development company Nordiske Handelsparker AS was established in 2006. The company was founded by the Central Norwegian real estate developers Reitan Eiendom AS, Ursus Eiendom AS, Persson Norge AS, Heglund Holding AS and Bai AS to focus on commercial and logistics properties. The company changed its name to NHP AS in 2008. In 2011 the company changed its name again, this time to NHP Eiendom AS. The company also launched a share issue simultaneously, where, among others, the Fritt Ord Foundation became a shareholder.

The property company Login Eiendom AS started operating in 2011. Its shareholders were Reitan Eiendom AS, ØC Holding AS and Bai AS, and the company’s main focus was on the ownership and development of REMA 1000’s distribution centres in Norway.

Logistics and commercial properties have similar developmental requirements with regard to environmentally beneficial locations, technical installations and an efficient land use. NHP was established to develop projects in prime locations at competitive prices through the realization of  extensive (re)regulating and development projects. The company’s main focus was on urban conversion projects, as well as extensive re-regulation projects for logistics companies along the main approach roads outside of today’s developed areas.

New logistics and commercial areas often arise from the transformation of urban areas, where urban growth forces industry and logistics businesses out of the peripheral zone. Frequently, transformation would require the relocation of existing activities, so NHP could often offer sitting tenants new properties to move into. The RELOG group currently have a property portfolio of more than 5.000.000 sq.m. development properties suitable for warehousing, logistics and light industry.

  • Christian Wist

    Christian Wist

    Chief Executive Officer